Happy holidays: CRADLE News year in review

As the end of the year draws closer, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on some of the highlights of 2018 for CRADLE News. It’s been a big year, with more visitors to the site than ever before and clicks from all corners of the globe, from Norway to New Zealand and everywhere in between! As ever, assessment and feedback proved to be hot topics, while evaluative judgement was also popular. To find out more, read on!

Our most popular posts for the year centred around the perennial themes of assessment and feedback, including a report from EARLI SIG1 in Helsinki and an overview of CRADLE’s assessment publications in 2018, while Honorary Professor David Carless’ reflection on evaluative judgement and feedback literacy also attracted a wide audience.

  • How to start an argument about feedback – a postcard from Helsinki
    CRADLE’s Associate Director A/Prof. Phillip Dawson reflects on a feedback symposium that he and CRADLE Director Prof. David Boud co-hosted at the EARLI SIG1 conference in August. “What is feedback?” Phill writes. “It turns out that’s more of a contentious question than I expected. And I expected it to be fairly contentious…”
  • Evaluative judgement and the development of student feedback literacy
    CRADLE Honorary Professor David Carless shares his thoughts on how evaluative judgement and feedback literacy can help learners to develop autonomy and take responsibility for their own learning – two important attributes for lifelong learning.
  • CRADLE 2018 publications round-up – Part 1: Assessment
    Published only last week and already racing up our most-read charts, this overview of 2018 papers on the topic of assessment was hand-picked by the CRADLE team, and features a who’s who of assessment researchers. It’s sure to offer you some new perspectives and food for thought over the festive season!
  • The challenges and benefits of self and peer assessment
    “If we suggested that you should include self and/or peer assessment in your learning and teaching toolbox, what would you do?” asks CRADLE Research Fellow Dr Joanna Tai. She discusses recent research that aims to better understand the potential challenges of self and peer assessment, as well as the benefits.
  • Accolades and achievements for CRADLE!
    It’s always nice to share our achievements, and there was plenty to be proud of 2018. Several of our researchers were recognised for their outstanding contributions to higher education research and teaching – including the bestowal of Deakin’s highest honour – while two of the CRADLE team were also accepted as Senior Fellows of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Free technology and inequality: my 3 minute thesis experience
    CRADLE PhD student Sarah Lambert shares her experience of presenting her thesis in just three minutes, along with a transcript of her presentation. She explores the complexities of using free, open technologies to reduce educational inequality.

Readers from across the world visited the blog this year, with visitors from every continent (except Antarctica) – from Brazil to Belgium and from Singapore to South Africa. While most readers came from Australia, the UK, Spain, the US and Canada were also well-represented, followed by Ireland, Norway, Hong Kong, New Zealand and India.

World map displaying concentration of blog sessions by country

Map overview of our blog visitors

Feature image: rawpixel on Unsplash

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