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CRADLE Seminar Series #9 – Feedback literacy in and for the workplace

Seminar #9 in our 2023 CRADLE Seminar Series is presented by visiting academic Dr Christy Noble, the Clinical Learning and Assessment Lead in the Academy for Medical Education at The University of Queensland. Christy discusses how to develop learners’ feedback literacy in and for workplace settings, particularly healthcare. Join us on Tuesday 12 September at 2pm.

Review: CRADLE Seminar Series #5 – Investigating productive feedback practices

Dr Ying Zhan (Jane), assistant professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The Education University of Hong Kong, reviews our most recent seminar. In seminar #5 CRADLE's Dr Bianka Malecka and Dr Lasse X Jensen presented their research into feedback. Dr Zhan is currently undertaking an academic visitation with CRADLE and will be presenting her own seminar on feedback this afternoon.

CRADLE Seminar Series #6 – Undergraduates’ perceptions of feedback literacy

Join us online or in person for our sixth seminar for 2023 on Wednesday 31 May at 2pm. Dr Ying Zhan of The Education University of Hong Kong presents her empirical study that explored what and how students conceive of student feedback literacy.

Developing feedback literacy: case studies from multiple disciplines – CRADLE Seminar Series #3: Review by Juan Fischer Rodriguez

In this post, Juan Fischer Rodriguez, CRADLE PhD Student, reviews our latest seminar and highlights the research outcomes of CRADLE’s Development Partners scheme.

CRADLE Seminar Series #3: Developing feedback literacy: case studies from multiple disciplines – 5 April 2022 – Join Us!

Please join us for our third seminar of 2022 by CRADLE's Professor Phillip Dawson and Dr Joanna Tai along with Development Partners Dr Kelli Nicola-Richmond and Dr Christine Contessotto. The team will discuss outcomes of a project investigating ways of improving student feedback literacy. This project is part of CRADLE’s Development Partners scheme.

Feedback literacy from education to professional practice

The recent Surrey International Symposium: ‘Feedback Literacy: From education to professional practice’ brought together over 250 delegates from 20 different countries to stimulate conversations across disciplinary boundaries and to forge new connections...

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