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Don’t miss CRADLE at these education conferences this year

The conference season is ramping up for 2024 and an extraordinary number of the CRADLE family have been successful in having their abstracts accepted. We are especially pleased to see our doctoral students and CRADLE Fellows sharing their research. Catch up on our latest research by joining us at the conferences in person or online.

Imelda Gozali tells us about her fruitful CRADLE visit

CRADLE was pleased to host Imelda Gozali as part of her academic visitation to Melbourne in May 2024. It was wonderful to welcome her as part of CRADLE’s increasing global collaborative academic network and we look forward to continuing to work with Imelda in the future. In this post Imelda reflects on her motivation to visit and on her time with us.

Food, ruins and keynotes: CRADLE team reflect on international visits

Recently three CRADLE members were invited to visit various international institutions: Dr Joanna Tai to Quality and Qualifications Ireland in Dublin, Professor Phillip Dawson to the Education University of Hong Kong, and Professor Margaret Bearman to the University of Hong Kong. Hear about their experiences and what they learned.

Meet CRADLE’s latest PhD scholarship holder

In this post we hear from CRADLE’s newest strategic PhD scholarship holder, Liu Xin (Lexie). Lexie shares her thoughts on her decision to undertake further study and aspirations for the PhD journey ahead.

CRADLE Seminar Series #9 – Feedback literacy in and for the workplace

Seminar #9 in our 2023 CRADLE Seminar Series is presented by visiting academic Dr Christy Noble, the Clinical Learning and Assessment Lead in the Academy for Medical Education at The University of Queensland. Christy discusses how to develop learners’ feedback literacy in and for workplace settings, particularly healthcare. Join us on Tuesday 12 September at 2pm.

Review: CRADLE Seminar Series #5 – Investigating productive feedback practices

Dr Ying Zhan (Jane), assistant professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The Education University of Hong Kong, reviews our most recent seminar. In seminar #5 CRADLE's Dr Bianka Malecka and Dr Lasse X Jensen presented their research into feedback. Dr Zhan is currently undertaking an academic visitation with CRADLE and will be presenting her own seminar on feedback this afternoon.

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