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CRADLE seminar Series: Open Textbooks in Australia: updated, localised, inclusive – Expert panel discussion- 5 Oct 2021 – Join us!

The next exciting instalment of our CRADLE Seminar series takes place online Tuesday 5 October. Please join us for an expert panel session to discuss the Open Textbooks as Social Justice National Scoping study. Deakin University’s Prof. Helen Partridge, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning), chairs the event. Open textbooks are a recent innovation in free, […]

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Manifesto for Teaching Online – Review – CRADLE seminar series 7 September 2021

So, what does our digital education future look like? A review of our latest seminar, ‘Manifesto for Teaching Online’. In this post, Dr Adam Brown, one of CRADLE’s 2021 Fellowship recipients, reviews the burning questions surrounding digital learning futures that continue to be raised by the Manifesto for Teaching Online. Adam is a senior lecturer […]

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CRADLE Seminar Series: Ask me anything about cheating and online learning – with Prof Phillip Dawson, 21 Sept 2021, 2pm AEST

Our next event in the CRADLE Seminar Series is a live and interactive Q&A session with Prof Phillip Dawson, one of Australia’s leading authorities on e-cheating and assessment security. Cheating has been the hot-button issue of the switch to emergency remote learning. Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen unprecedented growth of remote proctored exams, […]

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CRADLE Seminar Series: Manifesto for Teaching Online – 7 Sept 2021, Prof. Sian Bayne, University of Edinburgh – Join Us!

Please join us for our fifth online CRADLE Seminar Series presentation with Professor Sian Bayne. Prof. Bayne is a Professor of Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, Director of Education at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, and Assistant Principal for Digital Education. She is also the Director of the Centre for Research in Digital Education, and teaches MSc in Digital […]

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E-cheating and assessment security: new video series

In this post we hear from Professor Phill Dawson who leads research into academic integrity at CRADLE. His work involves looking at academic background in assessment and cybersecurity to protect education from cheating. This includes unorthodox methods like computer hacking and paying professional cheaters. Phill shares his thoughts and approach to these issues during the […]

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How do people learn from feedback in the workplace? – Review – CRADLE seminar series 3 August 2021

So what have we learned about feedback seeking and sharing in the workplace? Honorary Professor Gordon Joughin reviews our latest seminar. Dr Gordon Joughin joined CRADLE as an Honorary Professor in June 2016. He is a higher education consultant working with CRADLE on decision making in assessment. In this post, Gordon provides his insights on […]

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Milestones between lockdowns: digital equity research, UK Fellowship, and Equity Advisor role

CRADLE’s first PhD graduate Sarah Lambert shares her reflections and achievements with us before her upcoming online presentation in October as part of CRADLE’s Seminar Series. Our Research Fellow and tree-changer Sarah Lambert made it to Melbourne between lockdowns three, four and five to catch up with colleagues, and celebrate some successes and milestones. In […]

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How can ‘assessment for learning’ meaningfully contribute to ‘programatic assessment’ – Review – CRADLE seminar Series 22 June

CRADLE PhD candidate Dr Damian Castanelli recently presented his seminar, ‘How can ‘assessment for learning’ meaningfully contribute to ‘programmatic assessment’? Jess Lees, one of CRADLE’s PhD students, provides us with a review of the seminar which highlights the complexities and tensions between assessment for learning and programmatic assessment  Damien’s engaging presentation shared insightful explanations of the […]

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CRADLE Seminar Series: Feedback in the workplace – seeking and sharing

Register now to hear from Professor Fredrik Anseel, Associate Dean (Research), UNSW, who will present “How do people learn from feedback in the workplace? From feedback seeking to feedback sharing.” Prof Anseel will provide an insight into feedback sharing in the workplace and its influence on associated systems for learning and performance.  Be it in training and development, job interviews, performance […]

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CRADLE Seminar Series: How can ‘assessment for learning’ meaningfully contribute to ‘programmatic assessment’?

Dr Damian Castanelli (CRADLE, PhD Candidate)   With the spread of competency-based medical education, programmatic assessment is fast becoming the norm in postgraduate medical education. Programmatic assessment advocates systematically using assessment across a curriculum to promote trainees’ learning while simultaneously providing the information necessary to confirm progression. The aim is for the assessment system to […]