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The Impact of CRADLE on Higher Education – CRADLE Seminar Series 2021

An enthusiastic audience recently joined us for our first CRADLE seminar series of 2021.This reflective seminar, chaired by Dr Trina Jorre De St Jorre, discussed the achievements of CRADLE in its first five years, and was presented by the centre’s core academics: Alfred Deakin Professor David Boud, Professor Phillip Dawson, Professor Margaret Bearman, Associate Professor […]

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Publishing diverse voices: feminism, social justice and academic publishing – CRADLE Seminar Series

An engaged audience from far and wide joined us for a thought-provoking online seminar from Prof. Laura Czerniewicz (University of Cape Town) and Dr Sarah Lambert (CRADLE), as they discussed the need to diversify academic publishing. Here, CRADLE doctoral student Habiba Fadel reflects on Laura and Sarah’s conversation and their call to action. Plus, you […]

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Publishing diverse voices: Feminism, social justice and academic publishing – CRADLE Seminar Series

The need to diversify research and scholarly publishing is increasingly well-recognised – but what does it take to open the conversation and publish diverse voices? Join us to hear from Prof. Laura Czerniewicz (University of Cape Town) and Dr Sarah Lambert (CRADLE) as they discuss feminist and social justice approaches to diversifying academic publishing.

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Feedback in online learning – CRADLE Seminar Series

An enthusiastic and engaged audience joined us for our largest-ever online CRADLE seminar, a special panel exploring feedback in online learning. Here, CRADLE doctoral student Juan Fischer reflects on the panel’s timely and thought-provoking discussion of feedback in online learning, with particular consideration of the current pandemic context, and you can also catch up with […]

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Longing for connection: university educators creating meaning through sharing experiences of teaching online – CRADLE Seminar Series

A large and active audience joined us online for the latest presentation in our CRADLE seminar series, as a panel of researchers and educators, including CRADLE’s Prof. Margaret Bearman and Dr Brandi Fox, explored university educators’ experiences of teaching online, using collaborative autoethnography to facilitate meaning making. Here, CRADLE doctoral student Bianka Malecka shares her […]

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Recording now available: CRADLE Seminar Series – Margaret Bearman on practice theory in higher education research

If you weren’t able to join us last month to hear CRADLE’s Prof. Margaret Bearman explore how practice theory can inform conceptual and empirical work into higher education research – or if you’d just like to watch her presentation again – good news! We’re pleased that a recording of Margaret’s seminar is now available.