2021 Symposium

What is assessment for inclusion?

Problematising inclusion, equity, and access in higher education assessment

CRADLE hosted its fifth international research symposium in October 2021. The theme for the 2021 Symposium was What is assessment for inclusion? Problematising inclusion, equity, and access in higher education assessment. Attendance by a varied audience from across the globe reflected the widespread interest in this area of research. CRADLE’s most significant research event of the year featured keynote presentations by renowned international researchers.

  • Dr Jan McArthur, Lancaster University: Creating Synergies between Assessment for Social Justice and Assessment for Inclusion.
  • Professor Penny Jane Burke, University of Newcastle: Inclusive Assessment: Recognising Difference through Communities of Praxis.
    Dr Jan McArthurProfessor Penny Jane Burke

    We also tackled the big questions on Inclusive Assessment in our interactive panel discussion.

    The symposium and associated book brought together international authors to examine how diversity and inclusion impact assessment in higher education. The book provides educators with the knowledge and understanding required to transform practices so that they are more equitable and inclusive of diverse learners.

    Symposium Delegates

    Dr Taskeen Adam
    University of Cambridge
    Professor Andrew Harvey
    La Trobe University
    Associate Professor Rola Ajjawi
    Deakin University
    Dr Neera Jain
    University of Auckland
    Professor Margaret Bearman
    Deakin University
    Dr Trina Jorre De St Jorre
    Deakin University
    Professor David Boud
    Deakin University
    Associate Professor Christopher Johnstone
    University of Minnesota
    Professor Roseanna Bourke
    Massey University
    Professor Leanne Ketterlin-Geller
    Southern Methodist University
    Dr Matthew Brett
    Deakin University
    Dr Sarah Lambert
    Deakin University
    Professor Penny Jane Burke
    University of Newcastle
    Dr Jan McArthur
    Lancaster University
    Dr Nicole Crawford
    Curtin University
    Dr Juuso Nieminen
    University of Eastern Finland
    Dr Joanne Dargusch
    CQ University
    Associate Professor Geraldine O’Neill
    University College Dublin
    Professor Phillip Dawson
    Deakin University
    Professor Sarah O’Shea
    Curtin University
    Dr Janine Delahunty
    University of Wollongong
    Dr Thanh Pham
    Monash University
    Dr Mollie Dollinger
    Deakin University
    Dr Bret Stephenson
    La Trobe University
    Dr Mary Dracup
    Deakin University
    Dr Joanna Tai
    Deakin University
    Dr Johanna Funk
    Charles Darwin University
    Dr Matt Thomas
    Deakin University
    Dr Jessamy Gleeson
    Deakin University
    Dr Ben Whitburn
    Deakin University
    Dr Lois Harris
    CQ University
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