2019 Symposium

Advancing research in student feedback literacy

In October 2019, CRADLE hosted the ‘Advancing research in student feedback literacy‘ international symposium in Geelong, Australia.

The symposium brought together leading international feedback researchers for three days of generative discussion and collaboration, including a public panel session exploring the current landscape of student feedback literacy and its future horizons (see below). The major outcome of this symposium was a series of research papers that further our understandings of student feedback literacy.

CRADLE 2019 Symposium Panel Session Recording

2019 Symposium Delegates

  • Professor David Carless – Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong
  • Associate Professor Anastasiya Lipnevich – Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York
  • Professor Elizabeth Molloy – Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne
  • Dr Naomi Winstone – Director, Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, University of Surrey


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