ARC Discovery Projects 2023 Grant Success for CRADLE

ARC funds a four-year project to study feedback literacy

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CRADLE’s Phill Dawson has achieved a remarkable outcome in his successful bid as lead investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2023 Grant.

The application relates to the project ‘Feedback literacy for effective learning at university and beyond’ with an impressive $382,670 being awarded to Deakin.

The underpinning premise of the investigation recognises that people generally do not seek, access, understand, or use feedback, and if they do it is often a challenging experience. Therefore the project aims to examine how learners are to be equipped so that they can make the most of feedback. An expected outcome is to develop ‘feedback literacy’ that will help learners deal with diverse feedback encounters in their future study and work lives regardless of whether these encounters are positive or negative, clear or vague, useful or unhelpful, heart-warming or downright destructive. Essentially it is about understanding the capabilities that learners need to be able to engage in feedback. Research for the project will be undertaken in both Australia and the UK. This project will offer significant benefits across all sectors of Australian society, where productivity, learning, and wellbeing depend on healthy and effective engagement with feedback.

Joining Phill on the research team are Alfred Deakin Professor David Boud (CRADLE), Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent (Deakin University and CRADLE), Dr Joanna Tai (CRADLE), Professor Elizabeth Molloy (University of Melbourne) and Professor Naomi Winstone (University of Surrey and CRADLE Honorary Professor). This formidable team represents some of the most highly published and cited researchers in higher educational research in Australia and indeed globally.

Further Deakin Grant Success

Deakin was successful with 7 ARC Discovery Project 2023 grants as the lead organisation out of 60 submissions, a success rate of 11.7%. In all, a total of $2.5m has been awarded to Deakin for research. For more information please see the ARC statistics page.

Stay tuned to CRADLE News for updates relating to the project!

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