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ARC Discovery Projects 2023 Grant Success for CRADLE

CRADLE’s Phill Dawson has achieved a remarkable outcome in his successful bid as lead investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2023 Grant.

CRADLE’s 5 Most-Cited Publications for 2022

2022 has been a productive year for CRADLE’s researchers. We have published an impressive 84 papers, books or book chapters, with the five most-cited spanning topics such as assessment, inclusion, digital learning and feedback. In this post see our 5 most-cited works for 2022.

CRADLE Director Alfred Deakin Professor David Boud recognised as a national and global leader in research

CRADLE’s Foundation Director and Alfred Deakin Professor David Boud has again been recognised as the top Australian researcher in three field areas and named in Clarivate’s Highly Cited Researcher list 2022 as one of the world’s most influential researchers.

CRADLE Fellowship Appointment: Congratulations to Dr Jemma Skeat

CRADLE is pleased to announce Dr Jemma Skeat as a recipient of a CRADLE Fellowship. In this post we hear from Jemma as she outlines her project ‘Co-designing effective feedback: working with students and academics as collaborators to purposefully design feedback from clinical assessment’.

CRADLE Seminar Series #6: An increasing role for theory in academic integrity research and practice: Some Psychology studies, statistics and stories – 12 July 2022 – Join Us!

Please join us for a discussion on theory in academic integrity research and practice from Dr Guy Curtis, UWA. In this presentation Guy will highlight and unpack intriguing and contentious questions surrounding the roles of observation and theory in academic integrity research.

CRADLE Seminar Series #4: New directions for feedback seeking research and practice – 3 May 2022 – Join Us!

Join us to hear 'New directions for feedback seeking research and practice' from Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong. In this presentation David, an Honorary Professor with CRADLE, will discuss the concept of feedback seeking and its impact on teaching, learning and motivation.

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