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From The Conversation: Universities are failing their students through poor feedback practices

Over the past year, CRADLE’s Director Prof. David Boud and Associate Director A/Prof. Phillip Dawson have been part of the project team for the Feedback for Learning project, in conjunction with Monash University and the University of Melbourne. Project lead and CRADLE collaborator A/Prof. Michael Henderson (Monash University) has recently published a piece in The […]

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Designing Feedback for Improved Learning

You might’ve heard CRADLE people say something like “Feedback is only feedback if it leads to change.” That’s all well and good, but how can we actually ensure change happens? In this webinar recording, I share some findings and thinking from our Office for Learning and Teaching project Feedback for Learning: Closing the Assessment Loop about how […]

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Does Supply Always Come on the Heels of Demand? Matches and Mismatches in E-learning

To cite this article: Sridharan, B., Deng, H., & Kinshuk. (2014). Does supply always come on the heels of demand? Matches and mismatches in e-learning. Issues in Educational Research. Issues in Educational Research, 24(3), 260-280.  Retrieved from This paper highlights the need for understanding and aligning preferences of learners with respect to pedagogies, technologies, […]

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Innovative cheating: Assessment and quality assurance issues for universities and beyond

In September 2017, I was privileged to give a keynote presentation as a CRADLE Fellow at the TEQSA Higher Education Service Assessment and Review summit, held in Melbourne. The summit featured a number of presentations led by very senior academics: Emeritus Professor Kwong Lee Dow, Patron of the Higher Quality Network;  Emeritus Professor Sheelagh Matear, […]

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Research grant success

CRADLE researchers are looking forward to a busy and collaborative 2017-2018 courtesy of 4 newly awarded research grants. As a result we welcome Ms Katie Priestly to the team as our new Research Associate. Rola Ajjawi and Margaret Bearman are collaborating with project leads from Eastern Victoria General Practice Training on a $150K grant looking […]