2018 Symposium

Feedback that makes a difference

In September 2018, CRADLE and Monash University’s Digital Education Research group co-hosted the ‘Feedback that makes a difference’ international symposium in Prato, Italy.

The symposium brought together leading international feedback researchers to explore how we might conceptualise, design for, evaluate and research the impact of feedback over time and across diverse contexts. The major outcome of this symposium was a book ‘The Impact of Feedback in Higher Education‘, published in 2019.

Symposium Delegates

Professor David Carless
Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong
Professor Jan-Willem Strijbos
Professor, Groningen Institute for Educational Research, University of Groningen
Professor Dragan Gašević
Professor of Learning Analytics, Faculty of Education, Monash University
Dr Naomi Winstone
Director, Surrey Assessment and Learning Lab, University of Surrey
Dr Ernesto Panadero
Researcher, Developmental and Educational Psychology Department, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
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