CRADLE Seminar Series #9 – Feedback literacy in and for the workplace

Tuesday 12 September at 2pm

This seminar is presented by visiting academic Dr Christy Noble who is the Clinical Learning and Assessment Lead in the Academy for Medical Education at The University of Queensland. Christy discusses how to develop learners’ feedback literacy in and for workplace settings.

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  • When: Tuesday 12 September
  • Time: 2pm to 3.30pm AEDT
  • Where: Online and at Deakin Downtown, Level 12, Tower 2, 727 Collins Street, Docklands
  • Cost: This is a free event

The value of purposefully developing learners’ feedback literacy to enhance feedback processes is well recognised. As a result, much research has been directed towards conceptual advancement and improving students’ feedback literacy in higher education. Yet, learners in workplaces such as healthcare remain dissatisfied with their feedback experiences.

Developing learners’ feedback literacy in and for workplace settings holds promise but remains under-explored.

To address this gap, we need to understand the contexts where feedback occurs as well as learners’ perspectives, experiences and understanding of feedback and being feedback literate in the workplace. This in turn can inform strategies for developing feedback literacy of learners in the workplace. Using design-based research (DBR) methods in two studies, Christy and her team investigated how healthcare students (Study 1) and junior doctors (Study 2) typically engage in feedback and potential opportunities to enhance their feedback engagement. As part of their DBR studies, they also implemented and evaluated several feedback literacy programs for health care students and junior doctors.

In this seminar, participants will be challenged to consider the relationship between learners’ feedback agency and feedback opportunities in workplace contexts. The nature of this relationship might be an important way to advance the conceptualisation and the development of feedback literacy.

While feedback literacy can be supported through targeted education, Christy’s findings raise questions for understanding how workplace environments afford and constrain learner feedback engagement. We will also challenge the extent to which contextual feedback know-how can be ‘developed’ purposefully outside of everyday work.

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About Christy Noble

Dr Christy Noble is the Clinical Learning and Assessment Lead in the Academy for Medical Education at The University of Queensland. Through her work Christy seeks to foster the development of learners’ capabilities to effectively learn through practice. She started her career as a hospital pharmacist and through her pharmacist educator experiences in the UK, her interest in health profession education grew. Christy has more than 50 publications aligned to her research interests including practice-based learning (especially in clinical settings) and workplace pedagogic practices including feedback/feedback literacy and clinical supervision. She has generated more than $1 million in postdoctoral research funding as both chief and co-investigators through several national and international collaborations.

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