Call for papers: Reconsidering authenticity in assessment

Special Issue of Teaching in Higher Education

The discourses of artificial intelligence, academic integrity, and equity have prompted renewed focus on authenticity in assessment. This coincides with papers that have urged the field to think more critically and theoretically about authenticity. In this special issue, we seek exactly that. We ask:

How is authenticity in assessment educationally relevant?

Themes for this special issue of Teaching in Higher Education encourage empirical and/or theoretical explorations; preparing for an unknown future; and working with complexity.

Our aspiration for this special issue is to critically engage with the field around notions of authenticity in assessment and to inspire new possibilities for curriculum. Inevitably, authenticity will always be understood as multiple, but our hope is that we reorient towards richer and more critical conceptualisations of it in assessment practices.

If you have something original and significant to say about authenticity in assessment – this is the special issue for you. Extended abstracts are due 4 September.

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