Assessment reform for the age of AI

If you have been following the TEQSA & CRADLE genAI webinars, you will be well aware that the emergence of generative artificial intelligence (genAI), while creating new possibilities
for learning and teaching, has exacerbated existing assessment challenges within higher

At its 2023 Conference TEQSA published guiding principles and propositions to support the sector in considering the risks and opportunities of genAI. The guiding principles were written in collaboration with a variety of leading Australian experts, including CRADLE’s own Margaret Bearman and Phillip Dawson.

The Assessment Reform Guiding Principles are intended to support staff and institutions to reflect on the integrity of their assessment regime and opportunities to incorporate genAI into their educational program. TEQSA, and the guiding experts, offer these principles to help inform decision-making and action into the future. AI is not new, and neither is it going away.

Read or download the guiding principles below

Lodge, J. M., Howard, S., Bearman, M., Dawson, P, & Associates (2023).
Assessment reform for the age of Artificial Intelligence. Tertiary Education Quality and
Standards Agency.

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