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Assessment reform for the age of AI

At its 2023 Conference TEQSA published guiding principles and propositions to support the sector in considering the risks and opportunities of genAI. Read and download the principles now.

Assessment Reform for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Join us on Thursday 28 September at 3pm for the fifth webinar in our popular genAI webinar series with TEQSA. Student use of genAI is increasingly commonplace, so how do we re-imagine our assessment design? This webinar presents TEQSA's draft guiding principles to rethink assessment.

Generative AI: what do researchers need to know?

Join us on Tuesday 18 July at 11am for the fourth webinar in our popular genAI webinar series in conjunction with TEQSA. The emergence of genAI is shifting research practices in new and unforeseen ways. For those who conduct research and train researchers, it presents a conundrum: how to take advantage of its affordances while guarding against poor use or even misuse? This webinar explores the potential and pitfalls of genAI with respect to research and research training.

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The impact of ChatGPT on higher education: what have we learnt?

TEQSA and CRADLE present this third webinar in the "Implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence for Higher Education” series. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion!

Catch up on the TEQSA & CRADLE ChatGPT Webinars

Are you enjoying our Implications of generative artificial intelligence (AI) for higher education webinars with TEQSA? Did you want to join us but got stuck in a dreaded meeting? Well, now you catch up and watch the recordings of the previous two webinars on our dedicated blog page.

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