Embedded academic literacies

Exemplar of a unit designed to develop academic literacies alongside discipline knowledge and skills.

HSW219 Self and Society has a weekly schedule of activities that build students’ skills in academic skills such as critical thinking, learning to learn, and self and peer assessment at the same time as they develop discipline-specific knowledge and skills. Students’ learning of these academic skills is normalised for all students, and presented as abilities they will need not only at university, but throughout their professional careers. For example, students learn that as social workers working on behalf of marginalised people, they will need considerable critical thinking skill as well as an ability to think reflexively, to read and use complex sociological language, to learn continuously, and to be able to learn and teach others about difficult and uncomfortable subjects.

High numbers of low socioeconomic status (LSES), Indigenous and remote/regional students, and students with a disability study this unit. These students have enjoyed increasing success rates in the unit since the academic skills have been embedded in the curriculum.

Close-shot of a student's hands working on a laptop


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