How to teach inclusively


This section offers a range of inclusive ideas, strategies, suggestions and practical examples to assist you in the various aspects of your teaching practice. It is designed to give you ‘just-in-time’ resources. We’ve talked to staff and students to find out what people want to know so that we can offer the most relevant and useful tips.

Dip into any topic that is of particular interest to you. Please do leave feedback by contacting the Inclusive Education team or use the ‘Submit a Comment’ box at the bottom of each topic page.

Through developing, enhancing and sustaining an inclusive teaching and learning culture, we are serving all our students in the best way possible.

Inclusive practice is not simply about teaching methods; it’s also about listening to what students have to say about the teaching they receive. Take a few moments to listen to some of our students.


  1. Yavanna

    The links on the create accessible content page do not work. Is there any way that we can access this information ? This is referred to as part of a task in the unit EIE702 and it would be great to be able to see the information here.


    • Karen Lake

      Hi Yavanna, Could you please tell me which links you can’t access please? I’ve just rechecked myself and I can’t find any broken links. Thanks, Karen

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