Deakin Learning Futures

What is the role of Deakin Learning Futures (DLF)?

Deakin Learning Futures (DLF) teams:

  • work directly with faculties to design and build outstanding courses for all campuses, including the Cloud Campus
  • collaborate with teaching teams to create premium online learning experiences
  • lead and manage the online learning environment (Cloud Campus)
  • support teachers to build their own skills and ideas
  • lead innovation projects that explore new ideas in learning and teaching.

Teaching support services and resources

DLF offers a range of services to assist teaching staff in course design and delivery.

Learning environments: development, maintenance, and staff/student support for Deakin’s cloud learning environment.

DLF Faculty Pods: dedicated faculty teams that work with course teaching teams in relation to curriculum design, resource development and quality assurance.

DTeach: builds staff capacity in rethinking curriculum design, using educational technologies, and improving teaching practice. Our guide to DTeach provides a roadmap to navigate the online resources offered here and directs you to those which will be of most help in your inclusive teaching practice.

Teaching and learning initiatives: collaborative teaching and learning initiatives with faculty and divisional groups.

CloudDeakin capacity building modules:

  1. Curriculum Development for Unit Chairs.
  2. Teaching and learning at Deakin (Sessional staff).

Registration via CloudDeakin anytime: click the ‘More’ button on the top right, then select ‘Self Registration’.

Guide to using audio and video

Prepared by DLF, Using audio and video for educational purposes explains how to use and produce videos, which includes: welcome videos using webcams and video cameras, cloud concepts and when and how to use them, where to find reputable microstock and image providers, and copyright guidelines for using video footage.

How to make a video

How to make a video is a series short films that is all about helping eliminate many technical things that will go wrong when making a video and empowering the maker to setup a successful project.

Contact DLF

For more information on how DLF can assist you in your inclusive teaching practice email the Learning Futures division.


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