Plan to teach inclusively

Planning is key to teaching inclusively

Proactive not reactive

Planning means taking a proactive approach that will pave the way to more successful and engaged seminars and classes. By contrast, reactive approaches follow a deficit model that requires individual adjustments and retrofitting, which risks alienating or stigmatising particular students. Planning to teach inclusively means thinking about what adjustments are required that benefit all students.

Learner-centred not teacher-centred

Successful inclusive teaching is about adopting a learner-centred, flexible approach that caters for a diversity of students and takes into account all students’ skill levels and understanding when delivering curriculum content.


Add this handy PowerPoint presentation to your Unit site and class slides as a quick guide on Where to find help at Deakin (PPTX 213KB). An alternative format is available to download here Where to find help at Deakin (DOCX 40KB). This includes links to study skills learning resources and as well support services for all aspects of student life.

Deakin students studying
The following sections will guide you through key areas that will help you to plan to teach inclusively.


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