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About Career Education

Deakin University is committed to providing an education that supports students to successfully navigate a rapidly changing employment market.

All courses are required to offer Career Education (CE) that improves students’ self-awareness, their understanding of career opportunities and the ability to promote themselves successfully to employers.

The CE in Deakin courses helps students develop personal awareness and an appreciation of the need for continual development. It also develops the skills and attributes for gaining and maintaining employment and for active citizenship. The curriculum is informed by the latest research and industry insights to position students competitively within their field. Deakin students have opportunities to engage with industry and are supported to make informed decisions to help fulfil personal and professional goals.

Career Education resources

Support for the CE element of courses is provided by DeakinTALENT via an online portal with links to online resources, workshops, targeted development programs, feedback on applications and career consultations, as well as connections to employers and communities of professional interest.

All CE resources are created adhering to the guidelines of accessibility and the needs of specific cohorts.

Career Education unit support

The CE team work closely with academics to identify course units in which to embed CE and then assist with unit design, which often includes providing assessments and rubrics. CE staff only work with units that are required to assess the CE component at a minimum of 20%. In conjunction with unit chairs, the CE team tailor standard assessments to suit the unit and the cohort.

Career learning resources for your students

The following sites and modules provide further resources for teachers and students. These can be incorporated into class activities, homework, unit reading materials, or simply as additional support. Students can access a range of resources, via logging into DeakinTALENT and accessing a suite of on-demand digital resources:

  • EXPLORE career interests, skills and experience, and employment options
  • BUILD professional identity, resume and professional networks
  • APPLY employment strategy and career planning.

In addition, students can register to join one of the guided programs or workshops, such as career interests, skills sets, job search and employment opportunities.

Career Guru

Career Guru offers comprehensive video, audio and written resources, as well as a job search engine, which are easy to navigate and search.

Learning modules include:

  • CV and job applications
  • Interviewing
  • Job hunting
  • Career assessments
  • Career management
  • Self-development
  • Business skills
  • Latest news.


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