Reflect on and evaluate your teaching

To reflect on and evaluate our teaching practice is one of Deakin’s Inclusive Education Principles. Reflective practice helps teachers recognise where there may be potential to inadvertently exclude or disadvantage certain students. It is also important to collect and analyse data to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching strategies for all students in your cohorts.

Reflection and evaluation methods include systematic self-reflecting in a journal, asking students for feedback, analysing students’ grades, analysing eVALUate reports, peer review of your teaching and learning designs and formal professional development.

Dr Erik Blair encourages us to use reflection as an everyday tool to make small incremental improvements and adjustments in our teaching.

‘If we keep our targets focused and limited to the next teaching session (as opposed to grand targets that seek to make fundamental long-term changes) then we are more likely to implement them.’

Remember that reflection and evaluation are not ends in themselves, but instead should be used to continually improve the equitability of the learning experience you provide to all students.


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