Division of Student Life

When teaching with your diverse student cohorts, you may encounter a range of issues with which students are struggling, stressed over, or simply have questions about.

It is important to be aware of the considerable support expertise at Deakin and where to direct students that is appropriate for their particular concerns. Remember, you don’t have to shoulder the burden, help is at hand!

Student Life is a division of Deakin that provides university-wide student resources, facilities and services.


Add this handy PowerPoint presentation to your Unit site and class slides as a quick guide on Where to find help at Deakin (PPTX 214KB). An alternative format is available to download here Where to find help at Deakin (DOCX 40KB). This includes links to study skills learning resources and as well support services for all aspects of student life.

Emergency information

Be prepared for crisis situations and make sure you have emergency contacts on hand.


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