Deakin Inclusive Teaching Toolkit

‘Inclusive education is everybody’s business’

Roger Slee (2011)

This toolkit has been designed to support your inclusive teaching practice. The Inclusive Education team, from Deakin’s Equity and Diversity division, have developed and sourced materials, resources and practical strategies that you can implement immediately into your approaches to teaching and learning.

You will find teaching tips, exemplars, and suggestions from videos and case studies that showcase good teaching practice by your colleagues at Deakin and staff from other universities, as well as the perspectives of Deakin students.

The Toolkit offers a range of up-to-date references with links to articles, websites, and multimedia content where you can go to find further information to support you in your teaching.

Each section takes a student-centred approach and incorporates Universal Design for Learning principles and strategies.

Inclusive Teaching Tips

This section offers a range of inclusive ideas, strategies, suggestions and practical examples to assist you in the various aspects of your teaching practice. It is designed to give you ‘just-in-time’ resources. We’ve talked to staff and students to find out what people want to know so that we can offer the most relevant and useful tips.

Dip into any topic that is of particular interest to you. Please do leave feedback by contacting the Inclusive Education team or use the ‘Submit a Comment’ box at the bottom of each topic page.

Through developing, enhancing and sustaining an inclusive teaching and learning culture, we are serving all our students in the best way possible.

Inclusive practice is not simply about teaching methods; it’s also about listening to what students have to say about the teaching they receive. Take a few moments to listen to some of our students.

Video: Deakin students talk about inclusive learning

In the following video, Deakin students share their thoughts and insights about inclusive learning. The points they raise will be addressed throughout the various topics in Inclusive Teaching Tips. These include the benefits of using the following to enhance inclusivity:

  • quality PowerPoint slides that frame and signpost the class/lecture content
  • iLectures (lectures available online via Echo) to allow students to revisit and revise content
  • discussion boards in cloud unit sites to promote collaborative online learning communities through critical discussion, reflection and Q&A
  • practical 'hands on' learning activities that put theory into practice e.g. role play
  • group work to encourage collaboration and different ways of learning
  • making assessments and essays relevant to real world scenarios and careers
  • modelling learning tasks
  • annotated readings and reading guides to aid understanding and how these fit with the course/unit work and learning outcomes
  • videos as learning tools
  • ePortfolios e.g. to upload weekly reflections and journal entries, which can be used for revision and to scaffold assessment tasks


A video transcript may be downloaded here: Students' Perceptions of Inclusive Learning Activities (DOCX 19KB)

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