Faculty resources, support and training

Teaching and learning in your faculty

Teaching and learning (T&L) in each faculty is overseen by your Associate Dean Teaching and Learning (ADTL), Associate Heads of School T&L, and a Faculty T&L Committee.

As part of the ADTL portfolio, a wide range of faculty support services and resources is available to academic teaching staff to help build capacity and assist you to implement inclusive teaching practices.

These include: online teaching guides and resources, digital learning support, administrative assistance, and professional development training and workshops.

This page outlines:

  • where you can go to for teaching and learning support in your faculty
  • staff development and training opportunities.

Be sure to check out what each faculty offers as you may find something helpful that is relevant to your own teaching area!

Where to start?

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A to Z Index of Deakin Help Guides includes instructions and helpful tips from assessment to using YouTube videos.
See also the IT Help page for guides and assistance with CloudDeakin and digital teaching technologies.


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