Faculty resources, support and training

Teaching and learning in your faculty

Teaching and learning (T&L) in each faculty is overseen by your Associate Dean Teaching and Learning (ADTL), Associate Heads of School T&L, and a Faculty T&L Committee.

As part of the ADTL portfolio, a wide range of faculty support services and resources is available to academic teaching staff to help build capacity and assist you to implement inclusive teaching practices.

These include: online teaching guides and resources, digital learning support, administrative assistance, and professional development training and workshops.

This page outlines:

  • where you can go to for teaching and learning support in your faculty
  • staff development and training opportunities.

Be sure to check out what each faculty offers as you may find something helpful that is relevant to your own teaching area!

Where to start?

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A to Z Index of Deakin Help Guides includes instructions and helpful tips from assessment to using YouTube videos.
See also the IT Help page for guides and assistance with CloudDeakin and digital teaching technologies.

DLF Faculty Pod teams

Deakin Learning Futures (DLF) have dedicated faculty teams that work with course teaching teams to design and enhance Deakin courses. Each DLF faculty pod includes a curriculum design group, a resource development group and quality assurance support. For further information contact DLF.

Faculty of Arts & Education

Faculty of Business & Law

Faculty of Health

Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment

Staff development and training

Training and workshops

Deakin encourages all staff to explore development opportunities and expand their professional skills.

  • Staff Development Hub DeakinDevelop provides information about Deakin's professional development programs and other initiatives.
  • Ongoing and fixed-term staff can view training opportunities on DeakinSync. Go to the DeakinPeople home page and click on the 'Training' tile. This tile is not available for sessional staff. Sessional staff should discuss their professional development needs with their manager or teaching team leader and request enrolment in appropriate training workshops.
  • Deakin Learning Futures offers capacity building workshops on a range of teaching and learning topics. See Teaching & Learning conferences, workshops & seminars for more information or contact DLF.
  • Find out how to get IT training at Deakin. The Digital Learning Portal is a central hub for IT training at Deakin. Deakin's IT trainers regularly update the site to include new online learning courses. Information related to face-face training workshops and training enrollment is via DeakinPeople. If you would like more information about the training eSolutions offers, please contact [email protected].
  • Lynda.com provides online video instruction for Deakin staff and students for a range of topics such as Teacher Tips, Flipping the Classroom and iPad Classroom: The Basics.
  • Mental Health First Aid (MFHA) training at Deakin teaches participants how to use an action plan to assess risk and provide support in the first instance in situations where either staff or students may be experiencing a mental health crisis. Register via Deakin People. Click on the Training tile and select DSL01—Mental Health First Aid Training. Please note that if you are a casual staff member, you will need to discuss this with your line manager and request that they send an email to Karen Stuart with your full name, Staff ID number and what training sessions you wish to attend.

CloudDeakin staff capacity building modules

  1. Curriculum Development for Unit Chairs.
  2. Teaching and learning at Deakin (Sessional staff).

Registration via CloudDeakin anytime: click the 'More' button on the top right, then select 'Self Registration'.

DeakinAir video tutorials

Getting started video tutorials for staff offer guidance on a range of digital technologies used in CloudDeakin including: how to post welcome message videos to Home Page, uploading captions files to a video, using Echo, embedding videos, CaptureSpace webcam recording, and much more.

Other teaching support services at Deakin

For more detailed information about inclusive teaching support offered by other Deakin divisions, go to our other ICCB pages on Teaching Support Services at a Glance.


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