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The Inclusive Education Community of Practice Reference Group extends a warm welcome to anyone interested in developing their Inclusive Education capabilities. Join us in this ongoing conversation, regardless of your level of experience, exposure, or expertise.


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Deakin Inclusive Education Community of Practice Reference Group

Getting the community of practice events up and running every year is a collaborative process that draws on the collective knowledge and experience of the reference group. This is a passionate group whose aim is to curate a program of the most progressive and evidence-based Inclusive Education programming. This group also has an interest in developing networks to connect practitioners of inclusive education and collaborate on research projects.

Plan future events with the reference group, contact the Community of Practice project Lead, Danni McCarthy

Lecture Inclusive Education Danni Mccarthy

Danni McCarthy: Inclusive Education Project Lead, Teaching Capabilities Team in Deakin Learning Futures

The aim of this project is to generate a genuine commitment and enthusiasm for the implementation of inclusivity and accessibility through dialogues and actions that promote social learning, innovation, and positive change, by supporting both knowledge acquisition and skill development within our teaching and learning community.

Dr Kate Anderson: Senior Lecturer in Disability and Inclusion, School of Health and Social Development, Faculty of Health

Kate is a Lecturer in Disability and Inclusion (School of Health and Social Development) and a CRADLE Fellow. She is interested in all aspects of inclusive education, with a special focus on digital and online learning.

Dr Ben Whitburn: Senior Lecturer in Education (Inclusive Education), Faculty of Arts and Education

Ben is a Lecturer in Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Arts and Education.

Dr Petra Brown: Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Petra is based in philosophy in the Faculty of Arts and Education, and is Unit Chair of Introduction to University Study, Director of the Associate Degree of Arts and Deputy Director of the Bachelor of Arts. She has been involved in inclusive education, first as a project officer and then as an academic, and has developed a special interest in supporting first year students in their transition into higher education. She has an ongoing interest in teaching and learning scholarship around inclusive education, and constantly seeks to improve her knowledge and practice within her teaching and service roles.

Dr Julia Savage: Lecturer, Teaching Practice, Deakin Learning Futures

Julia is a lecturer in Teaching Practice in Deakin Learning Futures. She has a professional development in education background.

Ali Parker: National Disability Coordination Officer

Ali is the National Disability Coordination Officer in Diversity and Inclusion at Deakin University. Ali drives systemic change so that people with disability have equitable opportunity to access, participate and achieve their goals in tertiary education and graduate employment.