CRADLE Seminar Series: Ernesto Panadero

Photograph of Dr. Ernesto Panadero

On 10 October 2016, CRADLE Honorary Professor and Visiting Academic Dr. Ernesto Panadero delivered the seminar ‘Rubrics: Are They Evil? Empirical-Based Reflections’. In his seminar, Dr. Panadero discussed the current state of research into rubrics, which are acknowledged to be one of the hottest topics in educational assessment, and raised a number of questions for consideration: what are the known effects of rubrics? what is positive about them – if anything? what are their flaws? and what are their main misuses? Discussing the divided state of opinions within the literature, Dr. Panadero observed that while the majority of evidence around rubrics’ potential effect on student learning has grown steadily, so too have ‘behind the curtain’ critiques on their use and implementation. It was noted that only a small number of critiques are exceptions to this rule, based instead in good-quality research. This discussion led Dr. Panadero to his final, provocative question with which to leave his audience: are rubrics as evil as some people depict?

Dr. Panadero is a CRADLE Honorary Professor, and is currently undertaking an academic visitation with CRADLE. Dr. Panadero is funded at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid under the Ramón y Cajal Excellence Program for Research, and has an excellent publication record in respected English-language journals. His research interests include assessment for learning, self-assessment, peer assessment, and self-regulated and socially shared regulated learning. More information about Dr. Panadero can be found here.

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