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CRADLE Seminar Series Events

Unpacking student self-assessment processes: Seminar – 23 October 2018

While student self-assessment (SSA) is recognised as an important skill which can benefit student achievement and assist in developing lifelong learning, there are also significant practical and conceptual gaps in the SSA literature. Join A/Prof. Yan Zi (The Education University of Hong Kong) as he discusses a series of studies conducted to address these gaps, […]

CRADLE Seminar Series Events

Self-reflection and self-disclosure in online learning: Seminar – 25 September 2018

As a teacher, have you ever wondered “how personal is too personal”? Reflective learning is highly valued in tertiary education. Nonetheless, prompting personal self-reflection within an online, collaborative learning environment introduces additional risks that may not be well-addressed by teaching teams. Join CRADLE Fellow Dr Kate Anderson as she discusses practical considerations for supporting student […]

CRADLE Seminar Series Events

Meaningful feedback between learners and educators in the workplace: Seminar – 15 August 2018

Feedback is frequently emphasised as a cornerstone of effective health professions education, yet there remains a feedback problem: while learners and teachers recognise its value, both groups are dissatisfied with its implementation. So how can educators foster more effective feedback in workplace settings? Join A/Prof. Rose Hatala as she shares insights from a series of […]