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CRADLE Seminar Series Events

Meaningful feedback between learners and educators in the workplace: Seminar – 15 August 2018

Feedback is frequently emphasised as a cornerstone of effective health professions education, yet there remains a feedback problem: while learners and teachers recognise its value, both groups are dissatisfied with its implementation. So how can educators foster more effective feedback in workplace settings? Join A/Prof. Rose Hatala as she shares insights from a series of […]

CRADLE Seminar Series Events

Lessons about learning design in online environments: Seminar – 17 April 2018

Learning design can play a significant role in students’ learning experiences, and is particularly critical in an online learning context; however, university educators may find it difficult to design for online experiences. Join CRADLE’s A/Prof. Margaret Bearman as she shares lessons about learning design in online environments from the Degrees @ FutureLearn project, along with […]

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What are we doing about contract cheating? Seminar – 20 March 2018

Contract cheating is an increasingly concerning issue for universities across the globe – but can markers be trained to accurately detect contract cheating in student work? Join us for the first CRADLE seminar for 2018, as CRADLE Fellow A/Prof. Wendy Sutherland-Smith outlines what’s happening internationally in the field of contract cheating awareness and detection

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Card games and robots: Assessment design workshop with Dr Yoon Jeon “YJ” Kim from MIT

I attended an extremely engaging workshop on embedded assessment design led by Dr Yoon Jeon “YJ” Kim from MIT, following our successful symposium on Re-Imagining Assessment. We started off with some robust discussions about rubric design stimulated by the MetaRubric card game which YJ uses with academics in the MIT Teaching Systems Lab.