50 free eprints: Conditions that enable effective feedback

Members of the OLT-funded Feedback for Learning project, including CRADLE’s Prof. David Boud, A/Prof. Phillip Dawson, and Paige Mahoney, have recently authored a new paper in Higher Education Research and Development, ‘Conditions that enable effective feedback’. And 50 free eprints are available below!

Drawing from the findings of the large-scale Feedback for Learning project, the authors – Michael Henderson, Michael Phillips, Tracii Ryan, David Boud, Phillip Dawson, Elizabeth Molloy and Paige Mahoney – propose 12 conditions that enable successful feedback in higher education, distilled from seven rich case studies of effective feedback practices.

Rather than proposing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ checklist, this paper offers insights into why effective feedback varies across contexts, and suggests common conditions that underpin successful feedback practices.

The 12 conditions that enable effective feedback

Each of the conditions is outlined in further detail in the paper and illustrated by examples drawn from the seven case studies. As these case studies demonstrate, the conditions are complex and may be achieved via a range of approaches.

The conditions emphasise the importance of carefully designing feedback processes, along with addressing capacity and culture for feedback. Examples from the seven case studies also demonstrate how even effective feedback strategies and practices remain dependent on context and need to be responsive to shifts in design (e.g. iterative improvements) or to new requirements.

If you’d like to read more, the first 50 copies accessed via this link are free – get in quick!

Henderson, M., Phillips, M., Ryan, T., Boud, D., Dawson, P., Molloy, E. & Mahoney, P. (2019) Conditions that enable effective feedback, Higher Education Research & Development, 38:7, pp. 1401-1416, DOI:10.1080/07294360.2019.1657807


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