Join us for Seminar #3 2024 to find out what happened next

Wednesday 8 May at 2pm

Join this seminar to hear about the enduring effects of the pandemic on higher education from CRADLE Fellow Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent. Jaclyn will unpack the pre- and post- effects and outcomes of the pandemic whilst provicating implications for the future.

Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent

  • When: Wednesday 8 May 2024
  • Time: 2pm to 3.30pm (AEST)
  • Where: Deakin Downtown or online
  • Cost: This is a free event

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted traditional methods of teaching and learning within higher education. But what remained when the pandemic passed? While the majority of the literature explores the shifts during the pandemic, with much speculation about post-pandemic futures, a clear understanding of lasting implications remains elusive. To illuminate this knowledge gap, our study contrasts pedagogical practices in matched courses from the pre-pandemic year (2019) to the post-pandemic phase (2022/2023).

We also investigated the factors influencing these changes and the perceptions of academics on these shifts. Data were gathered from academics in a large comprehensive Australian university of varying disciplines through a mixed-methods approach, collecting 67 survey responses and conducting 21 interviews.

Findings indicate a notable increase in online learning activities, authentic and scaffolded assessments, and online unsupervised exams post-pandemic.

These changes were primarily driven by university-guided adaptations, time and workload pressures, continued COVID-19 challenges, local leadership, an individual desire to innovate, and concerns about academic integrity. While most changes were seen as favourable by academics, perceptions were less positive concerning online examinations.

These findings illuminate the enduring effects of the pandemic on higher education, suggesting longer-term implications than previous studies conducted during the acute phase of the pandemic.

About Jaclyn Broadbent

Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent is Pro Vice-Chancellor Sessional Academic Experience, Deputy Head of School (Psychology), and a CRADLE Fellow. Jaclyn has PhDs in both Psychology and Education. Jaclyn’s research focuses on online self-regulated learning as well as the development, evaluation, and translation of effective teaching strategies to ensure student success. Jaclyn has won several awards for her teaching, including an Australian Award for University Teaching, a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, and Deakin Teacher of the Year.


Broadbent, J., Ajjawi, R., Bearman, M., Boud, D., Dawson, P. (2023). Beyond emergency remote teaching: did the pandemic lead to lasting change in university courses? International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 20, 58.

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