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What Happened Next: Read a review of our BERT Seminar

In this post Dr Jack Walton, CRADLE Research Fellow, discovers what happened to teaching after the pandemic when he attended Jaclyn Broadbent's seminar on Beyond Emergency Remote Teaching. Find out what he learned.

Don’t miss out: Join us for Seminar #3 to hear what happened next

Don't forget, CRADLE's Seminar Series 2024 continues on Wednesday 8 May at 2pm. CRADLE Fellow Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent will discuss What happened next? - Beyond Emergency Remote Teaching. Join us to find out more.

Join us for Seminar #3 2024 to find out what happened next

Join us for CRADLE Seminar Series #3 2024 to hear about the enduring effects of the pandemic on higher education from CRADLE Fellow Associate Professor Jaclyn Broadbent. Jaclyn will unpack the pre- and post- effects and outcomes of the pandemic whilst provicating implications for the future. Hear more on Wednesday 8 May at 2pm.

Did the pandemic lead to lasting change in university teaching?

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly disrupted traditional methods of teaching and learning within higher education. But what remained when the pandemic passed? Find out with CRADLE Fellow Jaclyn Broadbent's latest publication.

Who wants to be a CRADLE Fellow? I do!

On December 14, 2015, I became the inaugural CRADLE Fellow. I really did not know...

CRADLE Seminar Series: Jaclyn Broadbent

On 15 November 2016, CRADLE hosted a seminar by CRADLE Research Fellow Dr. Jaclyn Broadbent,...

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