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Review of CRADLE’s International Symposium Keynote Presentation – by Rebecca Awdry

In this post Rebecca Awdry, CRADLE PhD candidate and symposium delegate, provides her reflections on the Symposium keynote presentation and the controversial and big issues arising out of the discussions surrounding cheating.

What are the big questions in inclusive assessment? A review of the CRADLE symposium 2021 panel discussion.

In this post, Karla Wells-Duerr reviews the public panel discussion from this year’s CRADLE symposium....

Inclusive Assessment: Recognising Difference through Communities of Praxis – Review – CRADLE Symposium – 26 October 2021

Following a well-attended CRADLE symposium keynote from Prof. Penny Jane Burke, CRADLE PhD student Ameena...

No compromises. Assessment for inclusion and the revolution! – Review – CRADLE Symposium – 21 October 2021

In this review of the first keynote of the symposium CRADLE PhD Student Anastasiya Umarova...

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