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Read a review of Seminar #7 – Authentic Assessment

In this post CRADLE Fellowship holder Dr Tim Chambers reviews our latest seminar presentation ‘Authentic assessment in undergraduate science: A critical realist perspective’. This seminar was presented by Associate Professor Mags Blackie and Dr Robyn Yucel.

Read a review of Seminar #6 – Perceptions of feedback literacy

Chad Gladovic, one of CRADLE's PhD students, reviews our most recent seminar held by Dr Ying Zhan (Jane), assistant professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The Education University of Hong Kong. In this seminar Dr Zhang presented her work about feedback and feedback literacy.

Review: CRADLE Seminar Series #5 – Investigating productive feedback practices

Dr Ying Zhan (Jane), assistant professor at the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The Education University of Hong Kong, reviews our most recent seminar. In seminar #5 CRADLE's Dr Bianka Malecka and Dr Lasse X Jensen presented their research into feedback. Dr Zhan is currently undertaking an academic visitation with CRADLE and will be presenting her own seminar on feedback this afternoon.

Review: CRADLE Seminar Series #4 2023 — Assessment and student identity formation

CRADLE's Ameena L Payne, Anastasia Umarova and Jessica Lees along with Deakin PhD student Angen Kisworo review CRADLE's latest seminar, Assessment and student identity formation: Becoming a (dis)abled student through assessment by Juuso Nieminen.

Review: CRADLE Seminar Series #3 – CRADLE Book Launch

Deakin University’s Dr Mollie Dollinger, Senior Lecturer, Deakin Learning Futures and CRADLE member, reviews CRADLE’s most recent book launch seminar, ‘Assessment for Inclusion in Higher Education: Promoting Equity and Social Justice in Assessment’.

Review of CRADLE Seminar Series #8: Hyper-hybrid Learning Spaces. By Darci Taylor

Deakin University’s Darci Taylor, Associate Professor and Director of Learning Design at Deakin Learning Futures and CRADLE PhD Candidate, reviews CRADLE Seminar Series #8 "Hyper-hybrid Learning Spaces" by Rikke Toft Nørgård, Associate Professor in Educational Design & Technology at The Danish School of Education, Aarhus University. Darci reflects on the thought-provoking presentation that encouraged higher education colleagues to ‘tinker like alchemists’ and imagine future possibilities of hyper-hybrid learning spaces.

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