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New directions in feedback seeking research and practice – CRADLE Seminar Series #4: Review by Bianka Malecka

In this post Bianka Malecka, a CRADLE PhD student researching the field of feedback herself, reviews our latest seminar by Professor David Carless, University of Hong Kong. Bianka highlights some of the more poignant outcomes related to solicited feedback, motivators and barriers.

Re-Imagining Exams: how do assessment adjustments impact on inclusion?– CRADLE Seminar Series #2: Review by Dr Juuso Nieminen

In this informative review, Dr Juuso Nieminen reflects on Dr Joanna Tai’s seminar of 15 March 2022. Juuso details important messages arising from Joanna’s work on assessment adjustments and inclusion, and the need for more inclusive assessment practices and the significance of co-creation of assessment design. Juuso is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong and his research interests include student-centred assessment design, feedback literacy and assessment for inclusion.

Open Textbooks expert panel ignites online discussion – CRADLE Seminar Series 5 Oct 2021: Review by Dr Sarah Lambert

Following a highly interactive expert panel session ‘Open Textbooks in Australia: updated, localised, inclusive’, CRADLE...

How do people learn from feedback in the workplace? – Review – CRADLE seminar series 3 August 2021

So what have we learned about feedback seeking and sharing in the workplace? Honorary Professor...

Milestones between lockdowns: digital equity research, UK Fellowship, and Equity Advisor role

CRADLE’s first PhD graduate Sarah Lambert shares her reflections and achievements with us before her...

How can ‘assessment for learning’ meaningfully contribute to ‘programatic assessment’ – Review – CRADLE seminar Series 22 June

CRADLE PhD candidate Dr Damian Castanelli recently presented his seminar, ‘How can ‘assessment for learning’...

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