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A new CRADLE Honorary Fellow appointed: Dr Juuso Nieminen

CRADLE is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Juuso Henrik Nieminen, University of Hong Kong, as an Honorary Fellow. Currently, Dr Nieminen works as Assistant Professor at the Academic Unit of Social Contexts and Policies of Education (SCAPE), University of Hong Kong. Dr Nieminen’s research focuses on student experiences of assessment and feedback, student formation and inclusive assessment. In this blog post, Dr Nieminen briefly introduces his previous collaborations with the CRADLE team, and sheds light on future directions.

Re-Imagining Exams: how do assessment adjustments impact on inclusion?– CRADLE Seminar Series #2: Review by Dr Juuso Nieminen

In this informative review, Dr Juuso Nieminen reflects on Dr Joanna Tai’s seminar of 15 March 2022. Juuso details important messages arising from Joanna’s work on assessment adjustments and inclusion, and the need for more inclusive assessment practices and the significance of co-creation of assessment design. Juuso is an Assistant Professor at the University of Hong Kong and his research interests include student-centred assessment design, feedback literacy and assessment for inclusion.

Shaking power structures through summative self-assessment: CRADLE Seminar Series

Summative self-assessment was the fascinating and provocative topic of the recent CRADLE seminar presented by...

Shaking power structures through summative self-assessment: Seminar – 9 April 2019

Self-assessment in higher education is typically viewed as a formative tool for student learning –...

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