I attended and presented an oral talk at the 2022 Energy Summit (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, 8th – 10th Dec) on “non-aqueous electrolytes for rechargeable metal batteries”. This conference covered a wide range of topics in the field of energy science, with a key focus on hydrogen fuel cells and emerging energy technologies. One of the main highlights of this summit was also launching the Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE), which is a research programme that will consist of bringing many Australian and Indian universities, research institutions and energy businesses together to promote collaboration in transdisciplinary research, education and training in the field of energy.

During my trip, I also travelled to Mumbai to visit the research team of Prof Sagar Mitra at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IITb) to meet and collaborate with students and postdocs on designing new electrolytes for emerging sodium ion batteries. This work is aligned well with one of the central aims of the storEnergy centre in developing new materials for emerging battery technologies and will be the topic of our next publication.

Dr Mega Kar