Papers and Articles

2023 Journal Articles

Guzmán‐González, G., Alvarez‐Tirado, M., Olmedo‐Martínez, J.L., Picchio, M.L., Casado, N., Forsyth, M. and Mecerreyes, D., 2023. Lithium Borate Ionic Liquids as Single‐Component Electrolytes for Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials, 13(1), p.2202974. 


Sun, J., Gunathilaka, I.E., O’Dell, L.A., Howlett, P.C. and Forsyth, M., 2023. High-rate formation protocol enables a high ionic conductivity SEI for sodium-ion batteries. Journal of Power Sources, 554, p.232298. 


Martinez-Ibañez, M., Boaretto, N., Santiago, A., Meabe, L., Wang, X., Zugazua, O., Raposo, I., Forsyth, M., Armand, M. and Zhang, H., 2023. Highly-concentrated bis (fluorosulfonyl) imide-based ternary gel polymer electrolytes for high-voltage lithium metal batteries. Journal of Power Sources, 557, p.232554. 


Eftekharnia, M., Kerr, R., Forsyth, M. and Howlett, P.C., 2023. Understanding Li creep in Li-metal pouch cells and the role of separator integrity. Journal of Power Sources, 559, p.232650.