Our Capabilities

Development of polymer electrolytes and composites for high-energy density, safe batteries:

  • Thin, flexible electrolytes suitable for wearable devices
  • Capability of large-scale development
  • Towards high energy Li-, Na-metal batteries


In the surface lab, we can do surface characterizations on different samples, from macro to micro size.

We have some cutting edge instruments including:

  • Atomic Force Spectroscopy which can conduct the surface morphology to the nanoscale, force measurement on soft materials, and the monitor the real-time change of the electrochemical reactions with the help of glove boxes.
  • Surface Force Apparatus which can monitor surface separation and directly measure the contact area and observe any surface deformations occurring in the contact zone.
  • Contact Angle Goniometer
  • Sputter Coating (Sputter deposition).

Corrosion Capabilities:

The corrosion group’s main areas of research are the synthesis and evaluation of environmentally friendly compounds for reducing the damage caused by corrosion of metals. The mechanisms of protection are investigated using electrochemistry, surface analysis and computer modelling techniques. We are working on a range of inhibitor compounds targeted to reduce corrosion directly, as well as microbial attachment, which otherwise leads to accelerated corrosion rates.