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July 3, 2015

Latest surveillance research by Deakin criminologists

The latest issue of Surveillance and Society has two contributions by members of the Deakin criminology team. The Issue features an article by Dr Richard Evans and also includes a new debate section on ‘Law and Surveillance’ with a contribution by Dr Ian Warren.

Richard EvansRichard’s article, ‘‘The footage is decisive’: Applying the thinking of Marshall McLuhan to CCTV and police misconduct‘, adapts Marshall McLuhan’s writings on mass media to ubiquitous and universal surveillance systems, looking at surveillance as media. The term ‘broadcast media’ is derived from an agricultural metaphor, a technique of planting. The article argues that CCTV systems are an inversion of broadcasting: ‘harvest media’. Drawing on three case studies in which CCTV has been relevant to allegations of police misconduct, Richard explores how harvest media impacts on cultural and legal perceptions of evidence, truth and deniability. Click here to access Richard’s article.Dr Ian Warren

Ian’s contribution, ‘Surveillance, Criminal Law and Sovereignty‘, explores two case examples indicating the problem of sovereignty and online data used by police in the US.

Click here to access Ian’s contribution to the debate section.

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