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Associate Professor Clare Farmer

Dr Claire Farmer

Dr Clare Farmer is an Associate Professor and has been a member of the Deakin Criminology team since 2010. Her research interests include the challenge of balancing the competing needs of offenders, victims of crime, and the wider community within/across the criminal justice system; responses to anti-social behaviour; police discretionary powers and the use of force; human rights; sentencing principles and processes; and criminological research practices.

Clare has published widely in high impact international legal, policing, human rights, and criminal justice focused journals, and has written and edited several books. Clare has led a number of collaborative research projects with the Deakin School of Psychology, including a recent evaluation for WA Police. Her current primary PhD supervisions include projects examining reproductive coercion and abuse, responses to sexual harms in universities, and media coverage of filicide.

In recognition of her leadership in teaching and learning, Clare has been awarded a Senior Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

Clare is the Chair of the Faculty of Arts & Education Human Ethics Advisory Group (HEAG), and a member of the Deakin University Human Ethics Research Committee (DUHREC).

In April 2023, Clare was appointed by the Academic Board to the position of Deputy Chair of the Deakin University Appeals Committee.

In 2021, Clare was appointed to Victoria’s Adult Parole Board.

Prior to moving to Australia, Clare served as a Magistrate in adult and youth courts in England. She also attained a Master’s degree in Legal and Criminological Psychology.

For Clare’s Deakin University profile and full list of publications, please click here.

December 2, 2016

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