Deakin Courses

Deakin University offers a range of courses whereby you can study Criminology. We offer the following options of study (most of which can be undertaken on-campus at Burwood and Geelong as well as off-campus):

  • Deakin Criminology adA Criminology major sequence as part of the Bachelor of Arts (course code A300);
  • Bachelor of Criminology (course code A329);
  • A combined degree with law called Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Laws (course code D335);
  • A combined degree with forensic sciences called Bachelor of Forensic Sciences/Bachelor of Criminology (course code D329 – on-campus at Geelong only);
  • A combined degree with psychology called Bachelor of Criminology/Bachelor of Psychological Science (course code D390); and
  • A combined degree with information technology called Deakin Criminology ad2Bachelor ofCriminology/Bachelor of Information Technology (I.T. Security) (course code D380).

The decision as to which course you would prefer to study depends entirely on you and your interests.

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