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Deakin Crime and Criminology Group (C2G)

Cutting-edge crime research

The Crime and Criminology Group (C2G) brings together researchers from several disciplines to investigate constructions of crime, causes of crime, diverse harms associated with crime and responses to crime in its various forms.

Our goal is to engage in cutting-edge research that has real-world applications in the education and training of scholars and practitioners.

Our research areas

Our researchers have expertise in a wide range of areas and are engaged in diverse projects covering many aspects of criminology. Led by our group convenors, C2G integrates research under three domains:

Crime and justice

This theme focuses on constructions of crime and criminal behaviour across diverse crime types, to better understand how these relate to questions of justice.

Offenders and victims

This theme relates to the causes of crime, as well as the many diverse harms associated with crime for individuals, communities and society.

Governance and regulation

This theme addresses the ways in which crime is framed within and beyond the criminal justice system, and approaches to preventing and responding to crime.


Deakin’s strategic research themes

All our research projects are guided by Deakin’s five research themes, to help us solve some of the biggest, most complex global challenges. Specifically, our projects align with the following themes:

  • Building safe and secure communities
  • Advancing society and culture.

July 27, 2023

Last modified: August 4, 2023 at 2:29 pm

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