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April Murphy

April Murphy

April Murphy is a dedicated Criminology PhD candidate and academic affiliated with Deakin University in Australia. Her research focuses on male victim-survivors of sexual violence and their help-seeking behaviour, exploring the invaluable perspective of sexual violence service providers on a national scale. Throughout 2021 and 2022, April has contributed to both Australian and international academic discourse, at prestigious conferences like ANZSOC and the International Gender Conference. She is also involved in key criminological groups including Deakin University Network Against Gendered Violence (DNAGV), the ANZSOC sexual violence thematic group, and the Alfred Deakin Institute HDR groupIn addition to disseminating her research among academic networks, April’s PhD research has also been promoted through several Deakin University media channels. Two online blogs in 2020 and 2022 and a YouTube video that promote both her research and her HDR experience at Deakin University. Her scholarly pursuits have also yielded a publication in the International Review of Victimology on female-perpetrated male sexual victimisation. April also has extensive experience as an interdisciplinary and inter-university research assistant, working as a research assistant for the school of Health and Social Development, Disability and Inclusion, and Criminology. Proficient in qualitative research methodologies, particularly thematic analyses, April has lengthy expereince in navigating projects both independently and as part of collaborative teams, one of which won the Deakin University Vice-Chancellors award. She has also helped author several collaborative publications in the fields of health and disability. In addition to this, April is a Criminology tutor and marker at Deakin University, with experience in teaching and marking first, second- and third-year university students. In 2023, April is co-hosting the November Victorian Post-Graduate Criminology Conference (VPCC) and will be presenting at the December ANSOC conference in Melbourne.


Murphy A, Simington A, Fay P, Watson J and Hitch D (2023) “Smart homes and smart technology for people with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities: A scoping review”,


Engel L, Loxton A, Bucholc B, Muldowney A, Mihalopoulos C and McCaffrey N (2022) ‘Providing informal care to a person living with dementia: the experiences of informal carers in Australia’. For submission to Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 102:1-8. 


Loxton A and Groves A (2021) ‘Adult male victims of female-perpetrated sexual violence: Australian social media responses, myths and flipped expectations’, International Review of Victimology,  28(2), 191-214. Doi: 10.1177/02697580211048552. Accessible here


Voss H, Loxton A, Anderson J and Watson J (2021) “It was one of those complicated cases”: health practitioners’ perspectives and practices of providing end-of-life care for people with profound intellectual and multiple disability’, BMC Palliative Care 20 (177):2-11. 

August 7, 2023

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