Dr Clare Farmer’s insightful research on ‘Community awareness of patron banning in Australia: a brief report’

Curtis, A., Taylor, N., Guadagno, B., Farmer, C. & Miller, P. (2018). Community awareness of patron banning in Australia: a brief report, Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 33(3), 283-287.
This paper, co-authored by Dr Clare Farmer, reports the results of a study which examined the level of public awareness of Victorian provisions under which people can be banned from licensed premises and wider public areas. To have an effect, patron banning should act as a deterrent for problematic behaviour at an individual and general level. The results of this study indicate that while individuals are aware that banning powers exist, they are less aware of how these powers are used in practice. Given its expanding use, the paper notes that further research is needed to determine if patron banning does affect the behaviour both of those receiving bans and of the community more generally.

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