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December 1, 2014

Deakin’s Adam Molnar interviewed on the value of body worn cameras on police

Adam Molnar profile imageDeakin criminologist Dr Adam Molnar was interviewed on CBC Radio last week about the use of body worn cameras on police officers. The interview examined the recent calls for police to wear video cameras in the wake of the Michael Brown Ferguson shooting.

While there are obvious gains in terms of increasing accountability, Molnar warns that this is a complex issue that should be approached with caution. As commented during the interview:

“Even though there are gains about introducing accountability into spaces, there’s a whole range of privacy issues that come into play. One of them, is are police able to edit on the fly? Which encounters to police choose to record? There’s a whole set of rules and norms that should be in place about when the police should turn the cameras on and off and whether they should even have the control of turning them on and off at will.”

Read the full interview transcript here.

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