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June 29, 2022

Applications now open for participants in a research study examining the impact of online surveillance on personal privacy

A study examining how people think about identity, privacy, and surveillance in their use of the internet and social media is now underway. Drawing on openly accessible social media data, the study is expected to provide significant insights into how individuals think about the privacy of their online identity, in relation to data they commonly share themselves.

The study will be conducted over four stages.

  1. An eligibility questionnaire in which participants are asked to watch a short video and read some statements about how the research will proceed.
  2. An online survey asking several additional questions about your use of social media, your postcode, and your willingness to participate in the research.
  3. In-depth searches (conducted by the researchers) of the open web to examine participants online identity using four search variables: name, email, age, and postcode. These details will be collated into a profile, which will be provided to the participant ahead of the fourth stage of research.
  4. A 1-hour Interview focusing on the information collected during searching (stage 3), internet use, online identity construction and thoughts about online privacy and surveillance

It is anticipated that the research will provide great insight into the size and scope of individuals online identity and privacy gaps.  The final report will be published as a PhD thesis through Deakin University.

If you would like more information or to join the study, please follow the following link:

Or you may contact Ms. Chloe Boyd via email at [email protected]

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You reserve the right to withdraw from this research at any time during the study. This study has received Deakin University ethics approval 2020-260

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