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31 May 2022

International students: study load requirements are changing for T2/S2, 2022

In 2020 and 2021, the Australian university regulator, TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency), provided flexibility in the enrolment arrangements for international students in response to COVID-19. However, in Trimester 2/Semester 2, we are encouraging continuing students to move back to on-campus enrolment requirements.

From Trimester 2/Semester 2 2022, if you are an international student with a student visa and confirmation of enrolment (CoE), you are required to enrol into a full-time study load of eight credit points or equivalent per academic year.

To find out what counts as a full-time study load, visit the Enrolment Conditions for your Student Visa webpage.

If you need to add units to Trimester 2 2022, make sure you add these units now in StudentConnect.

Are you currently based overseas?

If you have a student visa and are located off-shore, you are advised to make arrangements to return to Australia for the commencement of Trimester 2 2022.

If you aren’t able to return to Australia, please let us know your circumstances by completing the Study and arrival plans for 2022 online form. This will help us support you to continue your studies.

Options if you have compassionate and compelling circumstances or need to have a break in study

Intermission allows you to take a break for a study period while keeping your place in the course. You can apply for intermission via StudentConnect.

If you need to take a short break of up to ten working days during a compulsory study period (Trimester/Semester 1 and Trimester/Semester 2) or if you intend to return to Australia between three and ten working days late after the start of the trimester, you should apply for a short-term leave of absence. Please note a short-term leave of absence is not required over the Trimester 3 period unless you are enrolled in Trimester 3.

Extension to your CoE

If you require an extension to your CoE, submit an online application through our Apply or Extend CoE website. Remember that you should apply for a new CoE when your current CoE expires (unless your visa is due to expire before your CoE end date).

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