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31 May 2022

Do you have any supervised online exams? Here’s what you need to know

During the exam period (Monday 6 to Friday 17 June), many students will have a supervised online exam. This is where you sit the exam using your own computer while being supervised via webcam. You and your screen are automatically recorded throughout the exam.

These kinds of exams are used for particular course requirements, including accreditation by external bodies. To supervise you during the exam, Deakin uses a system called Proctorio, which checks that:

The exam may be open or closed book and takes the form of a CloudDeakin Quiz. You’re allocated 15 minutes reading time. Check your unit site for information about your exam formats and read more about the specific rules for different exam types.

Supervised online exams allow you to stay in the comfort of your own home rather than commuting to an exam centre, they’re more inclusive and they help to prepare you for the digital environment you’ll be working in after your degree.

We know that any new system can take some adjustment – see our detailed website for all you need to know. This includes FAQs, how-to guides and a handy video. And read on for some tips to make your supervised online exam as seamless as possible.

What technology do I need?

Here’s how to set up your computer:

During the exam, you have an allocated 15 minutes technical support time if needed. This has changed from the previous 45 minutes, so make sure you’re prepared ahead of time by following all the above steps.

Still have an IT issue? Check these Troubleshooting FAQs, or contact Proctorio 24/7 Support or Deakin IT Help.

What can I do during the exam – and what’s not allowed?

First things first: yes, you can go to the bathroom if needed! Just keep your breaks short and stay in view of the webcam at all other times. You’re allowed food and drink, but make sure there’s no packaging and you use clear containers.

So, what’s not allowed? 

In any supervised online exam, you’re NOT allowed to:

Cross iconWear headphones or EarPods – no devices for communication are allowed.

Cross iconTalk to another person – you should be alone and not talk to others.

In an open-book supervised online exam, you’re also NOT allowed to:

Cross iconUse Google for definitions of words – bookmark instead.

Cross iconUse Google Docs – you should save your reference material to your desktop.

Cross iconSearch for websites – bookmark any reference sites beforehand.

I’m worried about privacy – how does Proctorio use my information?

We take student privacy very seriously and have established strict privacy rules as part of the move to supervised online exams. We did extensive work to determine the best system to use and liaised with DUSA to ensure student body input.

It’s important for you to know that:

If you have any questions about Proctorio, please contact [email protected]. If you have any questions about Deakin’s privacy obligations, please contact the Privacy Officer at [email protected].

Where can I get more help?

We want you to do your best in your online supervised exams. Just contact Student Central with any questions.

If you’re registered with the Disability Resource Centre, Access Plan adjustments will be applied to exams where relevant. You’ll receive information via your Deakin email and unit sites. 

Good luck!

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