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Swimmers at Australian beach

20 January 2023

Swim safe this summer: follow these tips to avoid risks in the water

Swimming is synonymous with the Aussie summer. There’s nothing like the feeling of immersing yourself in the water on a hot day, whether it’s at the beach, a pool, a river, a lake or other waterhole.

But this wonderful pastime requires smart choices or else it can end in tragedy, with rescues and drowning deaths on the rise across the country. At the time of publishing, there have been 41 drownings reported in Australia this summer, with an equal number number of victims drowning in inland waterways, such as rivers and creeks, in addition to coastal locations.

As we prepare to celebrate Australia Day and head into the hottest months of the year, please educate yourself about the risks, know how to make sensible decisions and avoid peer pressure. It may save your life – or that of someone you care about.

Read this before you dive in

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