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Snacks and treats recipes

Peanut and cocoa smoothie

Love the sound of a chocolate and peanut treat? Then this delicious smoothie is bound to tick all your boxes.

Blueberry and oat smoothie

With a creamy blend of chia seeds, dairy and berries, this smoothie will provide you the vitamins and minerals you…

Banana nice cream 

Aside from being completely delicious, this banana nice cream is both good for you and good for the environment.

Mixed berry muffins

A perfect healthy alternative snack when you’re craving something naughty and sweet!

5 Minute hummus

Whip up this easy and versatile hummus for use as a sandwich spread, salad dressing or delicious dip!

Banana breakfast smoothie

All you need to do for this delicious on-the-go breakfast is throw everything into a blender, whiz it up and it’s done! 

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