Functionalised Coatings

Surface modification of complex substrates is a continuing challenge for the development of new reactive coatings and non-fouling surfaces. Our research focuses on the forming of durable superhydrophobic/superoleophobic coatings from water media through assembly of low surface energy substances. It includes synthesising functional chemicals and characterising the underwater assembly behaviour and the ability to form superhydrophobic/superoleophobic surfaces. 

Such coatings can be applied to a variety of materials to enhance corrosion protection. Our team has developed an innovative concept of using elastomeric nanocomposites to improve the durability of such coatings and we have also developed self-healing and reactive self-assembly of coatings with the addition of reactive polymer groups.

These coatings possess improved strength and durability through cross-linking, as well as having the added ability of being funcationalised for enhanced inhibition.

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