BatTRI-HUB is a collaboration between Deakin and CSIRO to develop advanced battery prototyping and commercialisation of energy storage technologies

In the Hub, researchers will be producing pouch cells – these are larger format cells than are typically produced in research laboratories. Pouch cells require much more sophisticated machinery than coin cells (watch batteries) to ensure uniformity over the larger battery electrode area. Also, pouch cells allow for the stacking of multiple layers of electrodes, thereby allowing them to reach energy densities that are practical for powering devices.

A unique facility in Australia showcases a 10-port argon filled glovebox – this will allow researchers to assemble pouch cells containing air and moisture sensitive substances like lithium, sodium metals and ionic liquids much more easily.

Robotic stacker – Designed and built in conjunction with Sensorplex Pty Ltd, BatTRI-Hub’s automated robotic stacking unit is used in the assembly of multi-layered pouch cells capable of powering a range of small-scale electronic devices from phones to drones. The robotic stacker was designed in-house from the ground up, and is completely customisable and offers more in terms of functionality and capability than any available commercial unit. This allows researchers at BatTRI-Hub to build prototype batteries based on new and emerging materials without any limitations, including next-generation devices incorporating lithium metal electrodes and solid electrolytes.

This facility represents the first step in the vision of constructing of a full-scale pilot scale facility to manufacture batteries here in Geelong.