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A semi-abstract and metaphorical painting of a brain representing mental health

27 November 2023

Take some time out to focus on your mental health this Mind Matters Week

How are you feeling as we approach the end of the year? While we hope you’re enjoying the start of the new study period, we know that being a uni student isn’t always easy. 

Research suggests university students may experience a range of mental health challenges, and this isn’t really surprising when you think about it – uni often involves juggling many personal and professional commitments alongside your studies. It can be a lot to cope with for anyone!

At Deakin, we believe that mental health and wellbeing should be a priority for all of us, not just those who experience mental illness. The broad spectrum of mental health encompasses more than just dealing with any problems – it’s also about helping you feel your best and accepting yourself, whatever your situation. So, whether you’re someone who experiences a mental health issue, or you’d just like to feel better about yourself, we’re here to help you make small changes that prioritise your overall health.

That’s the motivation behind Mind Matters – Deakin’s mental health and wellbeing movement. Running throughout Week 4 – from Monday 27 November to Friday 1 December – Mind Matters Week offers you helpful information, strategies and resources to enhance your mental wellbeing. 

Join us for inspiration this Mind Matters Week!

No title, Sahil DhimanTo encourage you to slow down, enjoy the present moment and get your imagination firing, visit the incredible Online Student Art Exhibition featuring works of art inspired by, or reflecting on, mental wellbeing. You can view the digital art gallery at any time, which cover themes of isolation, trauma, helplessness, depression and anxiety – but also peace, perspective, healing, resilience, hope and love. Pictured: No title by Sahil Dhiman.

Throughout Mind Matters Week, we’re also hosting a range of other great resources (including our new Managing Social Anxiety podcast, presented by our very own Deakin counsellors) and events (including the on-campus Walk’n’Talk catch-ups) to help you slow down and enjoy the moment. See the full details and register now for events via our Mind Matters webpage!

Support is always available

Our Mind Matters page also links out to a range of health and wellbeing content to help you find more ways to be balanced, including staying connected, getting proper sleep, exercising your body and mind, and understanding the link between food and mood – check it out!

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