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20 September 2023

Security alert: Unit assessment spam email

What occurred

We are aware of a large spam email sent to many Deakin students on Monday, 18 September 2023. The email was designed to encourage students to engage with contract cheating services under the pretext of supporting students with assessment difficulty or needing assistance. This email contains a suspicious QR code and should not be opened.

What does the email look like? 

An example of the email subject line is “UNITCODE Final占比60 10.12 提前占坑啦”, and in this example, the email was sent from “Abby [email protected]”.

What steps has Deakin taken

We have blocked this sender’s address from the Deakin network and will continue investigating the incident. We know that students are receiving emails from other email addresses, and we continue monitoring and blocking these emails. 

How to stay safe

Be wary of any unsolicited or unexpected communications you receive, and think before you click on emails – these scams can be sophisticated and look legitimate.  

If you think you may have fallen for this kind of scam, please contact Student Central for advice.

What you need to know about contract cheating

Commercial contract cheating services offer to:

It’s not always easy to identify illegal cheating services, but you should avoid any company that offers the above services via social media, email or on-campus advertising. Sometimes, you’ll even see these services promoted on otherwise legitimate study help sites.

Some of these services offer ‘help’ with your work, while others are more explicit and ‘guarantee’ you a high grade. Either way, they’re illegal. It’s a good idea to:

If you’ve received an advertisement for contract cheating services in your student inbox, please hit the ‘Report phishing’ button or forward the email to [email protected]. If you know of students at Deakin who are promoting or using contract cheating services, you can raise your concerns with the Student Conduct Team (this can be anonymous).

Stay informed

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